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Our Story in Nutshell

Innovation, Creativity, Bonding, Development, and Connections are some of the key features that describe the culture of TBP. An idea of creating impactful and positive environment given shape to Team Building Pro. You can experience Energy from our Flow, Solutions from our interventions, Sharing from our expertise and Integrity from our Completion. We are experienced individuals who are delivering values and bringing evolution in work-life balance. Our peak performance facilitators build an effective environment with artistic experiential activities and address the current need of growth through people engagement. It’s all about results and we help you take off !

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  • Team Building
  • Experience the power of effective team work with creative and interesting games to level up the bonding within your teams.
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  • Experiential Learning
  • Learn an art of uplifting skillset with innovative activities and design thinking, which lead an organization to Next Level.
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  • OD Trainings
  • Shape your culture with Intervention journeys, Change Management, Inclusiveness Leadership and Process of Productive Performance.

our team

punkkesh chawla

senior facilitator

Dr. Anshul Dhingra

Leadership Trainer

Dr. Anju Chawla

Leadership Trainer & Coach


co facilitator

manzar alam

business head

manoj kaushal

b. D. manager

deepak kanojiya

accounts manager

avneet kaur

business development

tania sarna

business development

ashish kumar

logistic manager

anees malik

front end developer

karanjeet singh

multimedia designer

omar sarosh khan

digital marketer

rohit kumar

coverage partner

saurabh kumar

co facilitator