Big Canvas



Time :

90 Min.


Size : 20 Pax to 100 +


Indoor & Outdoor


Collaboration is key part of success for any organization, executed through a clearly defined Vision, Mission and based on transparency along with constant communication.

Allowing your team to see the Vision and making them realize there contribution will keep them always in high spirit and ready to accept the unseen challenges. The concept of Big pictures help in understanding the importance of each role in an organization and share the upcoming Targets, Goals and Next Level it also defines the values, Mission, vision and culture of the organization. Having included before your project planning will help companies to seen the unseen challenges and get their team ready and prepared to deal with ease. It’s not what I see, but what we see that makes the difference.

How it Help in Productivity :-

  • icon Project Management
  • iconCompetitive spirit
  • iconMission, Vision & Values
  • iconTeam Collaboration
  • iconCross Functional
  • iconBig Picture

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