Drum Circle Activities

drum circle activities


Time :

30-45 Min.


Size : 20-100 Pax +


Indoor & Outdoor


It is no use saying we are doing our best. We have to succeed in doing what is necessary.

We are all born with merely a beat and a sound, and the relationship between the two begins the moment we begin to collect sounds in order to give them meaning. Music is our culture, unites us, defines our pleasure, revitalizes us, is endless, and serves as a source to bring us all together. A team can only function at its best when it is free from any kind of anxiety that is impeding anything from individual performance to team synchronization. Each member in a drum circle is inspired to be their true selves, where they discover unstoppable potential, love and compassion for all, and a desire for humanity to advance and celebrate.

How it Help in Productivity :-

  • iconMindfulness
  • iconCross Cultural
  • iconDe-stress
  • iconConnecting the dots
  • iconTeam Coordination
  • iconWining together

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