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Innovation, Creativity, Bonding, Development, and Connections are some of the key features that describe the culture of Team Building Pro. An idea of creating impactful and positive environment given shape to Team Building Pro. You can experience Energy from our Flow, Solutions from our interventions, Sharing from our expertise and Integrity from our Completion.

We are experienced individuals who are delivering values and bringing evolution in work-life balance through online and offline Team Building Engagements.

Our peak performance facilitators build an effective environment with artistic experiential activities and address the current need of growth through people engagement. It's all about results and we help you take off!

Team Building experiences

Experience the power of Effective Team Work with creative and interesting Team Games to level up the bonding within your teams.

Experiential Learning

Learn an art of uplifting skillset with innovative activities and design thinking, which lead an organization to Next Level

Organization Development Trainings

Shape your culture with Intervention Journeys, Change Management, Inclusiveness Leadership and Process of Productive Performance.

our team

punkkesh chawla

senior facilitator

Dr. Anshul Dhingra

Leadership Trainer

Dr. Anju Chawla

Leadership Trainer & Coach

Vikas Jain


manzar alam



co facilitator

manoj kaushal

b. D. manager

deepak kanojiya

accounts manager

avneet kaur

business development

tania sarna

business development

ashish kumar

logistics manager

anees malik

front end developer

karanjeet singh

multimedia designer

omar sarosh khan

digital marketer

rohit kumar

coverage partner

saurabh kumar

co facilitator

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989 966 2166, 987 103 0465

B-94, (1st Floor) Lajpat Nagar-1 New Delhi-110024


Mon - Sat : 10AM - 7PM

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frequently asked questions

We offer a diverse range of activities and interventions, both outdoor and indoor, designed to foster team cohesion, communication, and collaboration. From interactive workshops to adventurous outdoor challenges, our methodology is experential learning which is a mixture of fun and learning on the go practice to elevate the expereince as per given by the organization.

Before designing any program, we do a thorough understanding of your organization's goals, challenges, and team dynamics. This allows us to tailor our interventions to address your specific needs and objectives effectively.

Absolutely! Our team building programs have a process to follow which can accommodate a group of 10 people to upto 500 or more participants. Whether you have a small department or an entire company, we have the resources and expertise to engage everyone effectively.

Our journey has been enriched by training under esteemed international mentors, and our portfolio extends globally through workshops conducted worldwide. We bring this rich tapestry of experience to empower your team. Drawing upon more than a decade of expertise and a profound comprehension of human psychology and group dynamics. We specialize in crafting immersive experiences that not only captivate but also foster profound connections and facilitate learning within teams. There are some more secrets that we would like to discuss over a call, we hope you understand.

Energy is something that you can see in all our videos. We prioritize engagement by incorporating interactive elements, experiential learning, and dynamic facilitation techniques into our programs. Additionally, we continually innovate and introduce new games and activities to keep participants energized and fully immersed in the experience.

If our program doesn't meet your expectations, rest assured, that our workshops are backed by a risk-free policy. You step into a zone where satisfaction is guaranteed. Whether you're content with the current facilitator or seeking a change, your happiness is paramount.

We believe in the importance of measurable outcomes. Therefore, we utilize a variety of assessment tools, including participant feedback, pre- and post-program evaluations, and quantitative performance metrics*, to gauge the effectiveness of our programs and ensure continuous improvement.

*tnc applied

Charging for a team-building workshop typically involves several key aspects to ensure comprehensive pricing that reflects the value and effort put into the event. Such as the number of participants, duration of the workshop, kind of activity, location of the workshop, manpower used, and materials used.

While our engaging workshops can start from as short as 30 minutes, we recommend a duration of 1 hour for optimal impact and engagement.