How team leaders are building efficiency in individuals?

"Company Flourish when an Individual Grows"

Have you ever felt that the efficiency of your employees is reduced? They are no more enthusiastic like before. Is the reason Individual Growth?

Success of the company and individual growth goes hand in hand. When an individual grows and becomes prosperous, so does his organization. Success of a company mainly depends upon the efficiency of its employees. Both are co - related to each other.

Captain plays a vital role in building the efficiency of an individual as well as his company. Team leader is that cement which holds its teammates together without sacrificing their individual character. His job is to find your inner talent. A person who instructs you towards the accomplishment of a goal, is a person who is responsible for fruitful outcomes.

Authority, Responsibility and Accountability: Choosing a suitable delegated worker leads to building another leader. A successful delegation process goes through 3 elements- Authority, Responsibility and Accountability.

(i) Authority - Power given to subordinates to perform their jobs freely within boundaries.
(ii) Responsibility - A sense of responsibility to complete a task on time.
(iii) Accountability - Being liable for actions and decisions they made.

Get Out of the Way : "Productivity Begins where your comfort zone ends." It is wisely said you'll never be able to step towards success until you come out of your comfort. Change comes from leaving your cocoon. Some of our employees require special attention while some require less. A good leader is a person who guides his employees to get out of their way and get the work done. He himself is an inspiration to many of his employees. Sometimes sharing your own inspiring stories with your team members can give them hope for solutions to exceed their limits. How he achieved projects and what all tough decisions he took to bridge his own path, are some of the ways in which a team leader guides his employees. Knowing Your Teammates: A true leader is one who makes efforts in knowing his teammates. He is the one who builds confidence with co-workers to do better. While eliminating weakness and focusing on strengths. He's one who uses their abilities towards efficient and effective work.

Clarity of Agenda : When the director of a team is clear in his agenda and goals, what he wants from his workers. His team tends to be clear within terms. Each and every individual works with transparency of objectives. Being clear with your demands and staying on your words, make employees give their 100%.

Cooperation & Coordination : When there exists coordination and cooperation between colleagues, it gives better outcomes while meeting deadlines. A successful leader is one who manages to create a perfect rapport between his team members and himself. Maintaining a healthy professional environment while working gives mental peace at the workplace. A better place to work, the better results you get.

Honest Appreciation : Do you remember your first appreciation for being good at something? Was it powerful enough to change you deeply? One single moment of being valued and noticed can last forever. A tab on the shoulder or even a smile after handling a miserable presentation gives an impression of accomplishment. Being Appreciated from time to time gives self accomplishments.

Team Building Exercises: Little when you get together, workshops, games and events help in establishing a strong connection between teammates. It increases creativity and also helps in maintaining better physical as well as mental health. When a team is on their best path, they tend to work more productively.

Feedbacks & Reviews: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan

Time to time Feedbacks and Reviews should be taken by the team leader as it helps in better performance of the team. It also helps in establishing a genuine bond between team leader and his team. These small acts of kindness increase the credibility of a team leader. Also shows how much he understands his employees.

Closing with a Thought of: Be sensitive with teammates when things go off-road. A time comes when the gap between leader and co-workers arises. Don't let those temporary frustrations be the reason behind failure of a project! A true team leader is one who instills confidence in his colleagues when the going gets tough and helps his employees when they get stuck somewhere.

Helping your employees, standing with them shoulder to shoulder, supporting them in tough situations is what demploye 'TEAM LEADER'.