Quicks Steps to Improve Performance During WFH

According to a Research Conducted by Buffer for Indian Employees:

90% Employees Working from Home in India Struggle for Good Network Connectivity.
While, 20% of them face issues when Sharing Big Files.
19% of People feel that WFH at a Long Stretch makes one Feel Lonely.
And, 7% of the people Take such Times as Vacations.

Such challenges are not new born or exist only in India. These things have been happening around the world since the advancement of the pandemic. To avert these tough times and to keep your performance intact here are 9 Quick Steps:

1. Committed Work Station: Work from home is a challenge in itself, and not finding your office cabin adds to your list of worries. Isn't it?

Various surveys have reported that working in a dedicated workspace helps you in better concentration.

Find a quiet corner in your house, it can be your balcony or your favorite couch or your garden side. This will give you a comfortable environment, thus helping you to work more efficiently.

2. A Planned Schedule: Many times while working you make irreconcilable mistakes, errors and end up messing things up. You know why this happens?

This happens due to lack of a planned schedule. Before starting your work sit with a planner and schedule your entire day. This will help you while working. It will also reduce the chances of blunder.

3. Minimalistic Approach: Studies have shown that having uneasy thoughts and feelings in your mind gives you stress. Similarly, having unnecessary items on your work station makes your work space messy. As a result, it lowers your focus.

A simple step to make sure your work space remains mess free is decluttering. Remove all unwanted items from your table. Keep minimal items at your desk, only those which you'll require while working.

4. Prioritize Your Work: The most effective and efficient way to finish your work in a given time is to set your priorities straight. Most important work should be given high priority while work having least impact on you should be completed at the end.

Work like Fancy Shopping, Night Outs, or Wandering etc should be kept at last.

5. Don't be Harsh: While working at long stretch you tend to get tired, feel exhausted and lose your concentration.

To keep yourself afloat it's necessary to pamper yourself a little in between. Listen to your favorite song or watch an episode of your favorite Netflix show. After a tiring day having a ‘Me Time Break’ energizes you.

6. Comfortable Attire: "To me, clothing is a form of self-expression -- there are hints about who you are in what you wear." - Marc Jacobs

Clothes play a huge role in shaping up your entire day and your mood. While working it's important for you to feel comfortable and energetic so that your performance at work does not get hampered.

During meetings wearing formals shows professionalism and on other days you can wear comfortable yet elegant clothes.

7. Breaks in Between: Many times you're overburdened with work and you also forget to have lunch or personal space.

While it's important to keep your focus on work, it's also necessary to give attention to your health. Take small breaks for lunch and refresh your mood. You can also try meditation or a power nap.

8. Take out Time for Your Family: When you work from home it gets tough to keep a balance between personal and professional life. This has dual implications:

(a) Your family drifts away from you (b) Your work gets messed up

To avoid such situations it's important to take out time for your loved ones in between to spend quality time with them.

9. Self Management and Commitment: Work gets easy when you start self managing yourself. Staying true to your own commitments always keeps you in check.

When you sit for work keep a watch with you and set time limitations. Try to finish your work in a pre-decided time.