Ways to Reduce Employer and Employee

A complete overhaul has happened in terms of our work culture and communication. We have shifted from conference room meetings to zoom calls. Which results in increasing Informal Communication. Where Informal Communication was a good way of bonding turns into unprofessional behavior by employer and employee.

In a Hybrid Work Model both the employee and employer face certain kinds of challenges relating to Professionalism.

Following are the ways to maintain professionalism at workplace from both the sides:

1. Track Employee Credibility based on Task not as Time: An employee should give a report how many tasks he has completed at the end of day to avoid exploitations from both the sides. Let's see how-

For Employees - Employees who are working from home have no fixed hours of working unlike those who are working from office. Loads of work have been assigned to them believing they must be free. To avoid excess workload, an employee should maintain a list of tasks he has completed in a day.

For Employers - Work from home has increased hours of working for an employee. To get a shortcut of it and to avoid pressure of work: Employees login early in the morning and logout late at night while uploading files.

Keeping a check on the credibility of workers is important. How much time do they take to complete one single project and what resources are available? Were they effective and efficient enough? Can be a way to keep check on them.

2. Separate Medium of Talking: Keeping Personal and Professional numbers separate can give you some kind of relief but keeping a separate medium to talk is a wise choice. Maintaining separate mediums such as Messenger, Mails, and CRM Software helps to keep things professional.

An employer should facilitate his employee with these modes to encourage them to be professional at the workplace. Avoiding Personal Social Media Platforms for professionals is one way to avoid an increase in informal talk.

3. Culture Of Organization: Do you ever realise a new born baby learns everything from the way his elders behaves? And he turns out to be exactly like them when he grows up.

If yes, then you can co-relate this to your Workplace?

Workplace Culture or Environment plays a vital role in shaping up the formal or informal behavior of employees. Environment differs from organization to organisation. If we compare the Entertainment Industry with Law Firm: Uniforms, Working Culture, Way of Talking and Interacting differs. But at the same time it's important to maintain dignity of work and workplace.

4. Different Levels of Management: Levels and Departments of management of an organisation plays a vital role. Let's see how?

In The Sales Department and Lower Level Management, work is to connect with people. Generally their work environment is more friendly and casual then the technical ones. Different sector's environments should differ from work to be done.

If a person from the HR Department is not so formal with workers, employees do have an option to go to higher authority to complain about the behavior. But if there's a single person who manages the HR Department and Salary, things will get tough.

This is how different departments handled by different people can improve the workplace environment for workers.

5. Senior Needs to be Senior: A founder of an organisation and head of other departments holds a position which is followed by all employees throughout the organisation. A sincere senior is an inspiration to each and every employee working at his place.

A leader who knows how to maintain a good balance between professionalism and being friendly at the same, is a person who sets an example for all.

6. Keeping Professional and Personal Life Different: It is always good to have a friendly and known environment while working. But also too friendly/close relationships spoil things.

Keeping a professional and personal life different is important. When a favorite team mate of a leader gets an opportunity to explore more: give rise to conflicts, politics and jealousy even if he deserves to be at the position.

People also find it tough to balance both at the workplace. Sometimes personal issues are crystal clear while working on a project.

This rule is also applicable to those employees/teammates who have problems with each other.

7. Self Boundaries: An employee - employer relationship is an honest relationship. Maintaining professional and personal boundaries are very necessary in establishing a positive and productive work environment.

We cannot force a person to behave in a professional way. Being Professional but not rude at the same is something which a person builds on his own. Employer and Employee both should practice to have a good and formal relationship, which goes from both the sides.