Why building an 'Emotionally Intelligent' workplace matters.

Do you still subscribe to the belief that people don’t leave companies, they leave their leaders and decision-makers?

Well, you’re not widely off the mark, but you are definitely missing out on the bigger picture here – bosses are a subset of the organization itself, and a culture that puts up with toxicity on a routine basis, will always experience employee retention challenges. Today, given that employee retention itself is a factor in long term business success, it is of no wonder that most companies world-wide are choosing to focus on building the right work culture and a workplace that enables employees to connect at an emotional level with not just their immediate teams, but with the organization as a whole.

At the heart of any company’s culture lies its ability to be supportive to the people who work there, and the empathy with which they engage with each other, especially during times of individual and workplace crisis. Workplaces and teams that score high on the relatability scale (the extent to which people understand, accommodate, respect and enjoy working with each other) are those that feature most often in the list of exceptionally successful companies, and are also inherently trusted by their clients to deliver exceptional value. When your clients can see how well your people work with each other, it is easier for them to surmise that the same people will also be able to work closely with them with ease, and understand their business needs to deliver exceptional end results.

Simply put, your company’s ‘Emotional Intelligence’ is a key factor in driving long term success.

Although work cultures do emerge and evolve on their own, leaving something as major as your workplace culture to time and chance is like gambling with your company’s future success. With us, this is no longer a risk you need to assume. We understand that your key focus needs to be on achieving your business plans, and we support you in this by working closely with your people through a series of well-designed and thoughtful experiential learning interventions to mold your company’s culture into one that emphasizes high performance in sync with your core values.

Our team of culture building experts and trainers are adept at understanding the existing dynamics of your workplace culture through the right assessments aimed at identifying gaps and working out the way forward on where you’d like to be, culture-wise. We work diligently with your leadership team to enable you to translate your vision, mission, and values, into real-time workplace culture through employee behavior. Our training interventions leverage the power of ‘experiential- learning’, to enable your people across levels and hierarchies to connect with each other deeply through shared values and interests. When learners are placed in facilitator led role-plays and simulation scenarios that place them in someone else’s footsteps, and then are asked to take decisions, the emergent learning is deep and visceral, and has the best chance of bringing about changes in the emotional intelligence make-up of the participant. As an outcome, what you experience is the joy of working in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation, where conflicts are handled with emotional maturity and equanimity, and employees feel settled enough to not see a reason to quit over ‘workplace issues’.

Give yourself the chance to co-create and work at a place whose culture you can be proud of.